WL Movie Maker Program Manager Mike Torres – a LiveSide interview

wlmm Windows Live Movie Maker version 1.0 for Vista and Windows 7 was released nearly two weeks ago, and we gave you an early glimpse of it when it first came out (and even before that).  Today we were able to head over to Redmond and talk with a longtime LiveSide friend, Mike Torres about Movie Maker, and take the product for a bit of a spin at the same time.

Since we’re uploading to YouTube, we split the interview into two parts to keep under the 10 minute limit YouTube imposes.  In the second part of the interview we’ll show you a few tricks Mike pointed us to, but in part one we talk to Mike about his history at Microsoft (you may remember him from Spaces, but he’s worked on a number of Windows Live projects), about building WL Movie Maker from the ground up (as in every line of code is new!), and about program management in a project like this:

UPDATE: OK so our ability to upload .wmv files to YouTube is borked, with or without Movie Maker.  The .wmv I created in Movie Maker works fine locally (and ok in this self-hosted Silverlight player), but any wmv I upload to YouTube has audio sync issues.  Happens from 2 computers and numerous files here, maybe it’s our account, who knows.  TBH pretty tired of dealing with it right now, but here’s the video, for now):

[View:/video/Mike Torres.wmv:400:320]


LiveSide.net with Mike Torres – WLMM

In order to keep under the 10 minute limit, and to try out WLMM a bit, I snipped out a bit in the middle where we talked about using Windows DVD Maker to create DVDs, and if you can use 3rd party dvd makers.  You can, you just have to save your movie and then load that into a dvd creator.

We’ll have more on Windows Live Movie Maker in part two.