SxSW 2010 voting closes Friday; thumbs up for Angus and Bing?

sxsw SxSW Interactive, held every year in Austin, Texas (SxSW 2010 is March 17-21) is fast becoming the social networking place to be.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s held in conjunction with SxSW Music, one of the largest showcases of independent music in existence (and a heckuva party, we hear).  Anyway this year anyone can vote on what panel topics will be included with a simple thumbs up vote, and voting ends on Friday.

In a blog post today, Angus Logan, Sr. Technical Product Manager for the Windows Live Platform posted on the panels he has in the running.  Here’s a sampling:

Web Mail – Is There Room Left to Innovate? (Web Mail)
Web mail has been around the block, and everybody’s got it. Its role may be narrowing to the place you manage online bills, shopping, travel, and photos with mom, with conversations migrating to social networks and IM, but companies are still pounding the digital pavement for new users. If web mail isn’t going anywhere, where does it go from here? Vote Now

The Stream Has Become A Tidal Wave (Social Media)
The stream is overflowing. How do you make sure the stream is still useful when there is SO MUCH getting pushed into it? Vote Now

Social Network Interop (Open Standards)
Portable contacts, life streaming and various ‘Connect’ offerings have begun to break down the silos and walled gardens that are social networks. Come hear a panel of experts discuss some of the technologies, design issues and future direction of this trend. Vote Now

Securing Web Behemoths – Web Applications That Are Large (Security)
As the trend of ‘webifying’ continues, the smallness and simplicity of web applications will become a thing of the past. This raises the challenge of securing these web behemoths. An industry panel of Security engineering managers will discuss the approaches they use to secure their web behemoths. The attendees will gain awareness into the panelists’ security engineering programs & gain access to tools that they could apply at their companies. Vote Now

Our friends over at Bing have been busy coming up with panel ideas too, so if you have time, help out our favorite social networking torchbearers and vote up their panel ideas.  They will appreciate it (and we’ll make sure they remember all that LiveSide love!).