Share Your Search With Bing And Ping

Searching is one thing, but why do you search? Who do you search for? Is it for you, for a friend, maybe it’s even for a group of friends. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share the search result through Facebook, Twitter or email with just a few clicks?

Well, the people on the Bing team are firm believers in the idea that the only thing better than searching with Bing is sharing what you’ve found with your friends and have been working on a new feature for Bing that does just that. And they call it Bing & Ping.

You can share any search result, be it the game score of your favorite team, a flight status or perhaps a restaurant recommendation. Interesting, no? If you’re interested in previewing this feature, be sure to become a fan of the Bing Facebook page. The team will  be sending a special invitation to their fans to preview Bing and Ping in the coming days.

Don’t miss that boat..become a fan now!