Windows Live Photos Improvements

As the number of megapixels in cameras increases, and making panorama pictures has been made easy with Windows Live Photo Gallery, it was time for Windows Live Photos to follow suit. Today a new release is being rolled out that bumps the limit on photo size up. You are now able to get thumbnails and easily viewable versions of photos all the way up to 25 megapixels. And not just that, the image quality of photos has been improved too!

Furthermore, with today’s release, photo albums got faster to browse through, you no longer have to wait for the entire page to refresh when you move between photos. Plus, you can browse through your photos using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. How neat is that? Go and have a look!

For all you webmasters/bloggers out there: the Windows Live Photos team has also enhanced embedding images and photo albums into blogs and web sites. You get a real preview now rather than just an icon. Sharing just got better!