Bing flavored #koolaid at the company meeting

Microsoft held its annual company meeting earlier today (Wed Sept 10) at SafeCo Field (where the Mariners play major league baseball), and from the tweets and various snippets of posts that filtered out of the stadium seemed to cast Bing and Windows Live in a positive note.

Mary Jo Foley noted several hints at an upcoming Bing 2.0, possibly as early as next week.  Dr. Qi Lu continues to impress the ‘Softies, even Mini-Microsoft:

Dr. Qi Lu might be my favorite techie right now. I was impressed with what he’s brought together for Bing and what’s coming and how he has focused the team and adopted some of the new technology that Satya was showing. Who the hell thought we’d be feeling so good about our search decision engine? Ever?

Bing and Windows Live even got a passing grade from a Mini commenter, which is unusual considering the comments on Mini-Microsoft usually run strongly against Windows Live:

Bing, Windows Live, Natal, and Windows 7 are notable exceptions. They rock.

Amazingly, a couple of company meeting tweeters even took my advice to use #koolaid as a hashtag.  Now if I could just get them to post some video using Windows Live Movie Maker (even with the audio sync issues!).  Oh and speaking of that, they did show the new Windows 7 ad, featuring our old friend Kylie (now 5):


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