Windows Live Wave 4: M1 released; Hotmail changes

We know Wave 4 is coming, and now thanks to, we know at least a few of the changes coming (here already?) to Hotmail.  We don’t appear to be seeing any of them here, yet, do you?

In a post on August 28th (thanks mynetx for spotting this!) titled “New/changed features in Hotmail Wave 4 M1 Release”, we find out that M1 of Wave 4 was released August 31, and rolling out over the first few weeks of September.  We haven’t seen anything else about these changes, but here they are, according to the Support Blog post:

  • Auto Refresh of Inbox: Inbox is refreshed when a user is logged into WebIM, instead of after 60 seconds.
  • Auto save Drafts: emails automatically saved to drafts as they are composed.  Current auto save is set to 3 minutes
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: “Lots of keyboard shortcuts, including shortcuts to match both Yahoo and Gmail.” Here’s a list of the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Contact Picker Improvements:
    • edit contacts in compose
    • recent email data used in auto-complete and contact picker
    • copy/paste enabled in IE
    • a “verify recipients” feature added
  • Download all attachments: multiple attachments to an email downloaded together as a .zip file
  • WebIM Contact List: “view online contacts” added:


  • Mobile browser improvements: backend changes to improve mobile performance
  • Action Bar at bottom of page: Reply/Forward/Delete is now available from both the top and bottom of an email.