m.LiveSide.net on MoFuse Premium: Mo Betta

mfp_logo We’ve been using MoFuse to power our mobile experience for about a year now, and have been very pleased with the service.  Basically MoFuse takes our RSS feed, optimizes it for mobile on a number of devices, and takes care of all the details.  So when MoFuse upgraded their service and offered us an opportunity to try out MoFuse Premium, we jumped at the chance.

Our good friend and Windows Live Platform MVP (and LiveSide contributor) Chris Weeink helped us out with translating some PHP from MoFuse to ASP.net, so now if you go to www.LiveSide.net on a mobile device, you should be directed to m.LiveSide.net, with an experience customized for your phone or device.  From there, you can even click through to the full LiveSide site. (We still have a little work to do here, and with images on the mobile site :)  We’re working on it).

With MoFuse Premium, in addition to our RSS feed, we’re able to add custom links and content, too.  We included a slimmed down version of our Blogs We Like feature, and a section with some of our favorite mobile links, like Windows Live for Mobile, Bing for Mobile, and Mini-Techmeme.  We even added a Click to Call link for Bing 411.  We still have some work to do, but we like the idea of getting the latest from LiveSide, Windows Live on your mobile device, and a quick check on the latest news, all starting from m.LiveSide.net :)  Here’s a quick look at what you’ll see:

livesidemofuseMoFuse also has a free “MoFuse for Blogs” service, too.  Highly recommended if you’re looking for a simple mobile solution.

By the way, while we really appreciate our good relationship with MoFuse, they haven’t asked us to promote them in any way, we just like their service.  We even added their logo at the bottom, because we think it should be there, and we kinda like it.