Checking in: How do you get your news?

rss10k We reached a little milestone at LiveSide today, as for the first time our Feedburner chiclet reported over 10,000 RSS readers.  Our thanks go out to all of you, first of all,  we certainly don’t do this for the money, and to see our readership continue to grow is very, very gratifying.

We wonder though, how do you get your news?  Our newest poll (in our sidebar, link here) lists some of the main ways you might get news or headlines from LiveSide (or any other of your favorite websites, actually, this doesn’t have to be all about us).  We’ve been watching some of the discussion recently on whether or not RSS is dead (of course we think it isn’t, thanks to 10,000 of you), but we freely admit we scan Twitter more, and RSS feeds less, looking for the latest scoops.

We have a number of ways that you can follow us, too, many more than when we started:

Our RSS feed is through Feedburner

You can get Windows Live Alerts via Messenger toast or email whenever we post (have you noticed that Alerts is a lot faster lately?)

Of course we’re on Facebook and Twitter, and we even have a Windows Live Spaces blog, and you can friend us on Windows Live, too.

So thanks again for sticking with us, we think the best is yet to come for Windows Live and Microsoft’s live services, and can’t wait to tell you all about it, no matter how you find us.