Windows Live Included With Windows 7?

Reading Rob Margel’s blogpost about 5 windows 7 US college ads, I noticed something not Windows 7 specific in the list of videos: a video about Windows Live Movie Maker! Now that isn’t included in Windows 7 as far as we know…


Curious I went to the YouTube Channel the vids are on, the Windows Videos Channel, and low and behold what I found under the Windows 7 tab! There’s vids in there about Windows Live Photo Gallery too, alongside the Windows Live Movie Maker one already mentioned: one about making panorama photos, one on how to remove red-eye and crop, and one about importing pictures from your camera:
Now notice what it says below the video:
“All the included software in Windows 7…”, so does this mean they plan to deliver a CD with Windows Live on it with the Retail versions on Oct. 22, or is there something else we (not even the Windows 7 beta testers) don’t know about…

Update:  I’ve received the following statement which can be attributed to a Microsoft Spokesperson:

Windows Live Movie Maker and the Windows Live Essentials suite of applications will not ship with Windows 7 – these applications are available today as a free download at for all Windows users to enhance their Windows experience.

That said, users who purchase a new PC with Windows 7 pre-loaded may find that their PC manufacturer has pre-installed Windows Live Essentials for their convenience. Dell is one manufacturer that will preload Windows Live Essentials on a majority of consumer and small business PCs globally.