Exclusive: First Look at the OneNote Web App Technical Preview

After tweaking around with the recently released Office Web Apps, we were able to dig up a few screenshots of the currently unavailable OneNote Web App:

OneNote Web App

OneNote Web App - Insert tab

OneNote Web App - View tab

(Note: The actual document contents in the screenshots above have been edited as our own contents failed to load, however, the UI frame including the Ribbon is from the actual Web Apps)

As can be seen from the screenshots above, the OneNote Web App supports basic text formatting, styles, tagging, as well as spell-checking. Going to the “Insert” tab shows that you can add tables, pictures, clip arts, and hyperlinks into your notebooks. Similar to the Excel Web App, it also allows multiple users simultaneously co-author the same notebook, while showing you which section each author is currently editing. Notice that the OneNote Web App doesn’t have a Save button, meaning that changes by each author is automatically saved in the background, and what’s unique about OneNote Web App is the “Page Versions” feature which allows you to go back to the saved histories and retrieve an older version of your document in case someone has accidently overwritten something important while editing. A very useful feature!

Unfortunately, the OneNote Web App is not fully functional for us yet (and we see why Microsoft is not release them yet). But rest assured that they’ll be ready and available for us all when they reach the beta testing stage.

In the mean time, you can still test out the Excel and PowerPoint Web Apps over at http://skydrive.live.com. Also check out our coverage for tips on how to gain access to the Office Web Apps technical preview!