Want Bing on your iPhone? Search and map with these two apps

There isn’t any native way to change the search engine on iPhone to Bing, but thanks to a 99 cent app from IronSoft and their BingGo app, now you can have a great Bing experience on the iPhone.

bingGoFeatures include the Bing “wallpaper of the day” (or part of it, anyway); Web, Image, News, and Phone search;  built in web browsing; search history; multi-touch zoom images, and more.  You can get the BingGo app for your iPhone now.

(via iThinkDifferent, thanks Imran!)

and while you’re at it, check out another cool Bing app, MotionX-GPS Drive from FullPower


MotionX-GPS Drive includes a full list of features:

  • Driving Directions – Full step-by-step driving directions to navigate you to your destination.
  • Walking Directions – Want to keep it green? Live in NYC? Use the walking directions feature to find your way.
  • Familiar Search – Just type and search. With the advanced MotionX Find-N-Go™ technology, you can Find anything, anywhere and then just follow the directions. Driving or walking it’s that simple.
  • Optimized Compass – any time know where your destination is, even if you parked your car a few blocks away, MotionX will take you right there. If you don’t have a 3GS yet, the compass also works with GPS motion sensing on the iPhone 3G.
  • Address Book Integration – Integrated with iPhone address book quickly and easily reference navigation to friends
  • iPod Integration – Access playlists and listen to your music, audiobooks, and podcasts while using MotionX.
  • Phone Integration – Place a phone call directly from search results.

You can read more about MotionX-GPS Drive in the press release from FullPower.

(via The Bing Maps Blog, thanks Chris Pendleton!)