BuddyFuse International Release: Enhance Windows Live Messenger With Google Talk, Twitter And Hyves

BuddyFuse_5F00_7F046E21[1] The first international version of BuddyFuse has been released.

BuddyFuse, created by Dutch Computer Science student Yousef El-Dardiry, Jeroen Bransen and friends, is a free extension for Windows Live Messenger, which seamlessly integrates chat and social networks into the world’s most widely used instant messaging client. BuddyFuse currently enhances Windows Live Messenger by adding support for Google Talk, Twitter and the Dutch social network Hyves.

Long time requested feature
By integrating third party chat and social networks into Windows Live Messenger, BuddyFuse turns one of the most frequently requested features of the chat program into reality. ‘The vast amount of chat and social networking services available today causes people to be ‘online’ on different services at different times. By adding interoperability to Windows Live Messenger people can use an application they are already familiar with to stay in touch with all their friends, regardless of the network they are on.’, says BuddyFuse cofounder Yousef El-Dardiry.

Successful try-out
BuddyFuse has been released to the Dutch public in April 2009, supporting only the Dutch social network Hyves. This beta version has been embraced by the community, with over ten thousand users in the first few weeks. ‘The overwhelming amount of enthusiastic responses motivated us to work on this international release’, says El-Dardiry.

Support for more services such as AIM, ICQ and Facebook is planned for future releases.

You can find the download and more information, including a video impression on the BuddyFuse Website: http://www.buddyfuse.com