October, 2009

If you’ve recently visited Bing by typing http://www.live.com into the address bar, you would’ve noticed the following notice across the top of the page:

Bing Notice

When Bing first launched, this Q&A post over at the Bing & adCenter Community told us the following:

Q: What will happen to Live.com?

Looks like the avalanche of pre Christmas Windows and Bing ads are about upon us, as Microsoft unveiled the latest “Decision Engine” ad on their YouTube channel today:


Bing: the Vampire Engine, on YouTube

Apparently vampires prefer Portland, Oregon to our own prince of darkness lair in …

spot-watch Citing a decreasing demand, and advances in other technologies offering similar services, MSN is set to discontinue all MSN Direct service on January 1st, 2012, according to a notice on the MSN Direct homepage.

MSN Direct service will be available only until January 1, 2012.

Customers can

Our good friend Long Zheng just posted a series of Australian TV ads for Bing.com.au, one of which he spotted while taking a rare break from reading patent applications and Microsoft Careers posts:


Bing on Aussie TV

Long notes that in contrast to the original US

Last week Windows Live Sync was taken offline to fix a “serious problem in Windows Live Sync that could cause problems in rare cases for people who used Windows Easy Transfer”, according to Eric Doerr on the Windows Live Sync blog.  Even though it’s caused some users …

Balloons_by_wisseh Just wanted to say congratulations to Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Live on the launch of Windows 7.  We’ve been using Windows 7 since PDC last year (well since Longhorn 4051, really), are truly excited both about the stability and quality of Windows 7 and about the opportunities it …

In an exclusive, Kara Swisher from All Things Digital is reporting that Microsoft is set to announce deals with both Twitter and Facebook that will incorporate both Twitter feeds and Facebook status updates into Bing.  Details are sketchy at this point, but Dr. Qi Lu, President of Online …

deadpool49 We haven’t had the heart to start our own little Windows Live Deadpool, but the hits just keep on coming.  Windows Live OneCare was probably the first shocker, and then Soapbox (ok not a Windows Live service, but it almost was and should have been), and Silverlight Streaming

spam_1 If you’d been watching our membership counter in the past week or so, you would have noticed that we’ve gained about 300 users this past week, with more coming in all the time.  Normally you might think this was a good thing, but most if not all of …

Well Microsoft did indeed announce partnerships with Twitter and Facebook today (and shortly after, Marissa Mayer over at Google followed suit, announcing their own partnership with Twitter).  As quoted by MG Siegler at TechCrunch, here’s what Dr. Qi Lu said today at the Web 2.0 Summit:


Windows Live Sync The Windows Live Sync team blog posted the following announcement today:

Soon [This Thursday], when you sign in to Windows Live Sync on your computers running Windows, you’ll see that you need to go to the Sync website to install an update. You won’t be able to use

livemeshmac When Apple released its latest version of the Mac OS X operating system, dubbed Snow Leopard, last August, an unfortunate side effect was that Live Mesh for Mac no longer worked.  After rewriting a lot of code, the Live Mesh team is reporting today that Live Mesh

liveservices In a move that should surprise no one (in case you were wondering why we didn’t use Silverlight Streaming to host video after Soapbox closed), Silverlight Streaming, a Windows Live beta service for hosting Silverlight audio and video content, is being discontinued.  A blog post today on …

A post on Thursday on the Microsoft Malware Protection Center blog reports that not only were there 1.5 million downloads of MSE, but almost 4 million malware detections from 535,752 machines were encountered!

According to the blog post:

Microsoft Security Essentials is available in 8 languages and 19

Back in August, the Hotmail team temporarily removed adding photos to the body of Windows Live Hotmail messages due to a security issue in the upload tool. They have been building an updated version of the tool and now you can add Photos again! Yes, that’s right, the …

We had a chance this week to sit down and talk with Chris Bryant, Director, Office Product Management at Microsoft, to talk a little bit more about Office Web Applications and specifically how Windows Live and consumer users will benefit from these new web based Office apps.  Chris …

Microsoft is now saying that “most, if not all” Sidekick data thought to be lost in a server upgrade to Danger’s Sun/Oracle platform can now be recovered, according to a press release issued by Roz Ho, Corporate Vice-President for Premium Mobile Services.

We are pleased to report that

After more than a week of silence on what caused the Sidekick outage with Danger, the Los Angeles Times today quotes Microsoft spokesperson Tonya Klause, not really explaining what happened, but definitely distancing Microsoft cloud services such as Windows Live and Azure from the Danger platform:

“The Danger

While we can have all kinds of fun with numbers about search market share in the US, there’s no getting around the fact that Google dominates.  However in China, the search market landscape is quite a bit different than the rest of the world.


Perhaps in an attempt …

This month’s numbers for Bing US market share are in, with comScore the latest to report, and while the major reporting services disagree on the exact numbers, the concensus probably is that Bing’s initial push has slowed down.  We reported earlier on StatCounter’s numbers, here’s the highlights …