MSN takes Health Vault mainstream, releases “My Health Info”

Today MSN is debuting a US only (so far) beta of “My Health Info”, a new online service to help people manage their health information on the web.  The new service, along with a specialized swine flu information center, is available on the MSN Health home page at


The new service, running on Silverlight, connects up with Microsoft Health Vault, Microsoft’s online, open platform for gathering, storing, and sharing health information (Health Vault FAQ here, from June 2009).  My Health Info will provide secure storage of health information available anywhere on the web. With My Health Info, users will be able to:

· Customize their page with tools such as allergy, medicine and blood pressure trackers, a lab results bank, body mass index calculators, vaccination information and more

· Use information from personal health devices such as heart-rate monitors and pedometers

· Access profiles of multiple family members at one time, allowing caregivers to more easily manage not only their information, but their family’s as well

· Stay informed by receiving the latest in health news from sources they trust


My Health Info, at least in this beta, looks like it still needs work in terms of look and feel, but coupling the secure features of Health Vault with the reach of MSN ( receives some 85 million page views/month, according to MSN Director Lisa Gurry, who I spoke with this morning) makes a lot of sense.