Windows Live Wave 4 rumor mill heats up

We know that Windows Live Wave 4 is coming, at least in beta form, and soon.  We’ve already seen the first of the changes, in the form of some additions to Hotmail (zip downloads, web messenger buddy online status, etc.)The launch of Windows Live Movie Maker as a v1 product marked the end of Wave 3 development, with Wave 4 beginning now and launching formally in the spring of 2010, as outlined in a Japanese language blog post quoting a Microsoft official:

Windows Liveの次期バージョン公開は、2010年の春から夏にかけてを予定する。「今年9月から少しずつアップデートが入り、正式に(次期バージョンが)開始するのは来年の春から」とした。

Windows Live next version public, from the spring of the year 2010 in the summer over to schedule."Update from September this year entering little by little, formally (next version) is from the spring of next year to start" me.


(thanks to Bing Translator for the (rough) translation – anyone want to refine it?)

And adding a bit of fuel to the fire, some of our friends noticed an interesting tweet coming out of India:


Now of course we don’t expect that one tweet makes this anything but wild speculation and rumor at this point, but with the launch of Windows 7 in the next few weeks, some new Windows Live bits to play with on those new machines would be very sweet indeed.