Photosynth: Overhead View And More

The Photosynth team has released a major new feature called Overhead View. Overhead View allows you to look at the synth from above in 3D points. It also offers a new way of navigation, which is particularly handy for larger area synths. On hover it will show you pictures covering that region and clicking will get you a great transition into the 3D experience starting with that photo! Very cool, isn’t it?

Now I could put some pictures here of the feature, but it’s better explained in a video, so here’s a small video the team made to show off this feature.

Besides this major new feature, there are more improvements. Here are the highlights:
· An all-new, Silverlight-3 based viewer
· The “View” button on the synther now automatically logs you in to the Web site and takes you directly into the editor so that you can complete title/description, and give your synth highlights and a geotag.
· Geotagging is now easier and you can even scale and rotate your synth in the map in a process called “geoalignment”
· Multiword search improvements

If you would like to let the team know what you think you can do so by leaving a comment on their post or on their forum.