Latest numbers show Bing is down (or up) (or flat)

This month’s numbers for Bing US market share are in, with comScore the latest to report, and while the major reporting services disagree on the exact numbers, the concensus probably is that Bing’s initial push has slowed down.  We reported earlier on StatCounter’s numbers, here’s the highlights from the major reporting services for September:

Service September August change
StatCounter 8.51 9.64 -1.13
Hitwise 8.96 9.48 -.52
comScore 9.4 9.3 +.1

Numbers from Statcounter, Hitwise,  and comScore (Nielsen ratings aren’t out yet).  In addition, a couple of other noteworthy reports came out this month, too.  NetApplications has a nice breakdown of the major search engines and their worldwide market share numbers (where Google dominates even more).  And Efficient Frontier has some interesting stats on Bing, too, as reported by the New York Times:

… Mr. Karnstedt said the bigger story may be the continued rise of Bing. His firm’s report says Bing’s share of spending grew to 5.3 percent in the third quarter, up from 4.3 percent in the second quarter, while its share of clicks rose to 4.8 percent, from 4.1 percent.

“Consumer behavior doesn’t change overnight, so I would consider this a success,” Mr. Karnstedt said.

So while US search market share has flattened for Bing, after an initial push driven by all the buzz around the new brand, a perhaps more important number, that of advertiser interest in Bing continues to rise.