New Bing Mobile app for China (WL Messenger, too)

While we can have all kinds of fun with numbers about search market share in the US, there’s no getting around the fact that Google dominates.  However in China, the search market landscape is quite a bit different than the rest of the world.


Perhaps in an attempt to gain a foothold in one of the few markets where Google doesn’t dominate (although Baidu does, and Bing is even further behind in China than in the rest of the world), Bing has launched a new web services platform for mobile phones. According to a post on the PCWorld Business Center:

The Microsoft portal, an effort to spur use of its services in a market crowded by local competitors, offers downloads of mobile clients for Bing and Windows Live Messenger, along with instructions on how to use Microsoft services, including Hotmail, from a mobile phone.

(Where’s PicturePan2 when you need him? (just kidding!!!!!))  We’ll see if we can scour up a link to the portal once our Chinese correspondant comes back online :)
Update: OK here’s the link at, and of course PicturePan2 was on it, here’s links to 2 related stories on and