Office Web Applications: we talk with Chris Bryant about consumer use

We had a chance this week to sit down and talk with Chris Bryant, Director, Office Product Management at Microsoft, to talk a little bit more about Office Web Applications and specifically how Windows Live and consumer users will benefit from these new web based Office apps.  Chris was kind enough to give us an overview demo of the web apps, which we’ll get to, but we talked to Chris about what users want from web applications: with Chris Bryant: Office Web Applications from Kip Kniskern on Vimeo.

 Chris Bryant on Office Web Applications (Vimeo)

Office Web Applications is in Technical Preview now, slated for a Spring 2010 release.  As Chris says in the video, all of the apps aren’t fully functional (and OneNote isn’t available at all, yet), but Microsoft wanted to get some feedback on the apps as well as getting an idea of how running Office “in the cloud” would work.  The Office 2010 Technical Preview is now closed, but you can sign up to receive early notification of new information on Office Web Apps, and possibly still get in:

Office Web Apps Technical Beta early notification

Office Web Apps Press Release, Sept 17, 2009

Office Web Apps Fact Sheet