Windows Live Sync update coming this week, update for Snow Leopard coming soon

Windows Live Sync The Windows Live Sync team blog posted the following announcement today:

Soon [This Thursday], when you sign in to Windows Live Sync on your computers running Windows, you’ll see that you need to go to the Sync website to install an update. You won’t be able to use Sync until you install the update.

In case you’re wondering, this update fixes a serious compatibility problem with Windows Easy Transfer.

Similar to Live Mesh, Apple’s recent update of their OS to Snow Leopard also broke Windows Live Sync for Mac. However, based on the comments from Rachel Popkin from the Windows Live Sync team, “a version of Windows Live Sync for Mac that is compatible with Snow Leopard is coming very soon.”

Still no words on when Sync will support synchronisation to the cloud with SkyDrive, similar to how Live Mesh syncs your files onto Live Desktop.