Which Windows Live service is next to go?

deadpool49 We haven’t had the heart to start our own little Windows Live Deadpool, but the hits just keep on coming.  Windows Live OneCare was probably the first shocker, and then Soapbox (ok not a Windows Live service, but it almost was and should have been), and Silverlight Streaming, to name a few, have all been recently slated for the slag heap.  Jamie’s not too sure about My.Live.com, either.

Now a new nasty little rumor has popped up on Mini-Microsoft’s blog:

Windows Live is supposed to help with building value via rich applications. Live has been broken out of Windows to free it from the consent decree and all (‘cept for sneaking a Win7 component out early, wink-wink). Messenger, Mail, Photos, Movies, and an awkward online service. And Live Writer (though rumored a dead-man walking per comments).

(Emphasis (in bold) is ours, and we’re not quite sure which comments he’s talking about)

Now it seems unlikely that Windows Live Writer would go through all the trouble of gaining a ribbon just to cut the product, although a number of key members of the Writer team have left Microsoft recently, so who knows.

Anyway, what do you think is up with Windows Live?  Will we see more products cut?  We’ve put up a poll on the home page, feel free to cast your vote.