Long Zheng watches TV: finds Bing ads

Our good friend Long Zheng just posted a series of Australian TV ads for Bing.com.au, one of which he spotted while taking a rare break from reading patent applications and Microsoft Careers posts:


Bing on Aussie TV

Long notes that in contrast to the original US Bing ads, these locally (to Australia, that is) produced ads actually feature Bing, the product:

The other six Bing ads in the series of seven are 15 second spots entirely dedicated to showing off unique features of the Bing search engine – including hover preview, hot spots, instant answers, infinite scroll, video previews and related searches. These ads are a stark contrast to the US-based Bing ads which I had originally criticized for not showing enough of the product.

 Long has 6 additional 15 second ads posted on istartedsomething.com, check them out.