Bing fall update announced: Wolfram|Alpha, weather, more

Hot on the heels of the updates to Bing Maps, Videos, and Reference, Bing made some more announcements today, as part of a “major release”, to be rolled out over the coming weeks.  Most noticeable is the announcement of a partnership with Wolfram|Alpha to use their APIs and include nutritional information searches and math searches as part of Bing.  From the Wolfram|Alpha blog:

Having announced the Wolfram|Alpha API just over three weeks ago, I am pleased to share in announcing Microsoft’s Bing decision engine as one of our first API customers.

Starting today, Wolfram|Alpha’s knowledge, computed from expertly curated data, will enrich Bing’s results in select areas across nutrition, health, and advanced mathematics. Wolfram|Alpha provides immediate, unbiased, and individualized information, making it distinctly different from what has traditionally been found through web search. By using Wolfram|Alpha, Bing recognizes the complementary benefits of bringing computational knowledge to the forefront of the search experience.

By using our API, Bing will be able to seamlessly access the tens of thousands of algorithms and trillions of pieces of data from Wolfram|Alpha, and directly incorporate the computations in its search results.

But there’s much more to the new release, including expanded weather coverage for select cities, an improved Bing Shopping experience, and “the next generation of Hover Preview, which lets people view a snapshot of a website or search within that website before clicking through”.  You can get a preview of what’s to come at “Behind Bing”, which has insights into many of the new features: