Bing videos: where every view is a search

The new Bing Videos site looks to be a big improvement over its predecessor MSN Video – with Silverlight Streaming, a new cleaner look, and integration with YouTube, Hulu, National Geographic, and many more.  But like many others, we’ve been wondering why Bing?  Why not revamp the MSN site (, which now redirects to

Of course one answer is that gathering video from across partner (and other) websites might be inappropriate on a content site like MSN, where you would expect the content to be original (and indeed there will still be original video content coming out of MSN, but still surfacing on Bing videos).  But on Bing, rather than navigating to a video on a site, you’re actually searching for content, albeit in a highly controlled way.


Clicking on one of the subcategories on, say Music Video, returns:,

which as you can see is a search result.  Further, clicking on one of the videos under that result, say Aerosmith – Crazy, returns yet another search result:

How smart is this?  With Bing Videos, Microsoft has built a site that is engaging, clean, offers up great content, and perhaps most importantly for Bing and Microsoft, has the potential to (perhaps significantly?) increase search market share and time spent on Bing.