On the road next week to PDC, catch the keynote Liveblog here!

We’re honored again to be able to bring you a group effort liveblog of the keynotes at PDC, coming up next Tuesday and Wednesday.  The same gang is back again this year: Long Zheng from istartedsomething.com, Mary Jo Foley from All About Microsoft, Ed Bott from Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report, Paul Thurrott from Windows Supersite, Rafael Rivera from Within Windows, and Tom Warren from Neowin.net  (Todd Bishop from TechFlash apparently prefers the November rain in Seattle to 76 and sunny in LA, go figure).


We’ll have more details and the CoverItLive widget up on Tuesday morning (the keynotes are at 8:30 am pdt (GMT-8)).  You can follow along at home by watching the live streaming webcast available on keynote days at www.microsoftpdc.com

What to expect

First, we’ll be hearing from Ray Ozzie, Bob Muglia, Scott Guthrie, and Kurt DelBene in the keynotes:


While we don’t expect a lot of Windows Live news (we don’t expect a Wave 4 announcement, unfortunately), we should learn more about Office Web Apps and how they fit into Windows Live.  Just this morning, the new Office.com website was updated, with the first official mention of Windows Live Documents:

For personal tasks: You can access your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files by posting your documents online to Windows Live Documents. When you are ready to edit or view the document online, simply log on to Windows Live from Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. A Windows Live ID is required for accessing the Windows Live Document account.

Ray Ozzie will of course be talking about Azure, and we love hearing about cloud computing.  Of course we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a few surprises, too.

So set your clocks and join us on Tuesday and Wednesday and join in the Liveblog Keynote madness!  We’ll be watching for your comments!