Bing Maps China updated

Bing Maps China has updated their site with tons of new data and some new features:

  • Yellow Pages – Over 8 million yellow page listings are now searching from Bing Maps China.
  • Business Photos – Hundreds of thousands of business front photos are now available as a part of our YP listings results.
  • Transit – Bing Maps China has had transit information for a while now; however, the site now hosts hundreds of transit lines around China
  • Road Data Refresh – Updated the entire country with new road network data inclusive of over 4 million road segments
  • Traffic – Higher fidelity, wider coverage traffic flow information for more roads around the country
  • Performance Enhancements – Route and transit calculation times cut by over 50%
  • Signposts (Directions) – visual improvements for driving directions
  • Signposts (Highway Exits) – visual improvements for highway exit signs
  • Signposts (Border Crossing) – visual improvements for border crossing signs

The Bing Maps China API SDK has also been updated.