Windows Live at PDC: Live Framework Calendar sync coming?

Last Thursday we attended the only Windows Live PDC session, entitled “The Audience API: Live Framework Present and Future”, presented by Windows Live Senior Program Manager Todd Manion.  In the session, which revisited the Messenger Web Toolkit and took a quick look at the work being done with a new Live Framework API, didn’t offer much in the way of news, at least not on the surface.

One interesting slide shown in the presentation gave us a look at some Windows Live numbers:


We’ve heard the numbers on Messenger, Hotmail, and Live ID users before, but we don’t remember seeing the numbers on Essentials downloads (647 million downloads of Windows Live Essentials Suite) or SkyDrive Users (21 million) before.  Of course that doesn’t mean 647 million Essentials users (we’ve downloaded the Suite maybe a dozen times due to various Windows 7 betas, etc), but still it’s a big number.

After a short demo of the Messenger toolkit, Manion went on to demo some of the work Microsoft is doing with the Live Framework.  Remember that the existing Live Framework API set has been retired.

By taking a look at the url shown in the session in the Live Framework Resource Viewer, we’re able to see that it appears as if the new APIs will expose a bit more:

It looks like, in addition to Sync, Profiles, Contacts, and Scripts, the new Framework may well include Calendar and Photos as well.  What does this mean for Windows Live users?  Well it is probably far too early to tell, but the addition of Calendar and Photos are good signs.

Now it would be bigger news if there weren’t any plans to add Calendar sync to the Live Framework, it’s a no brainer, but it’s good to get a hint that we may be seeing it come to light soon.