Bing execs to show new features today


In a “private news event” (ooh, MS is taking this Murdoch stuff seriously ;)  ), today at 10:00 am in San Francisco, Bing executives Satya Nadella, Harry Shum, Erik Jorgensen, and Brian MacDonald and others are set to “showcase and demo several new Bing features”. is speculating that these may include a “Bing Explorer”, and perhaps a Silverlight version of Bing Maps.

Kara Swisher of All Things Digital will be liveblogging the event, and we’ll be updating here with any new information.  Bing has been rolling out features since November as part of “Bing 2.0”, including Wolfram|Alpha integration, Bing Video, improved weather information, and more. Bing also took the “beta” tag off its UK version.  Users have also spotted “latest posts” showing up recently on Bing.  It’s unclear how many of the features shown off today will be truly “new”, but we’ll be following along at home.  Stay tuned.