We’re gathering up Bing info from wherever we can

Kara Swisher is liveblogging the Bing news event, but apparently she’s off in search of donuts, no wait, here’s something:

He kicks off the show with some stats and a main point: Microsoft’s search share has, as his first slide reads: “Still a long way to go.”

At 9.9 percent versus Google’s share of more than 70 percent, Nadella is correct. But that is up from eight percent in a short time, so not bad.

Unique monthly visitors is also up from 71.7 million to 83.3 million. And perception, which was low is now 48 percent.

In other words, more consumers seem to know what Bing is.

We’re scouring around for whatever news we can find.  Ina Fried is live-tweeting, and her first bit of news is on “Entity Cards”:



more as it comes in…


Next up was demos of not yet ready for release visual search from Facebook, and on Twitter.


Bing for Windows Phones is now available, you can download by following the links from http://m.bing.com

I’ve installed Bing for Windows Mobile: nice :).  It has the Photo of the day, “Maps & Traffic”, “Business Directory”, “Top News”, “Get Directions”, and “Recent and Favorites”

Next up is Bing Maps on Silverlight: at http://www.bing.com/maps/explore/ (in beta, thanks for the link, Ina)


Still no Press Release from Microsoft, so much for “real time news”

Looking for “streetside” (we’ve heard it’s for 20 cities to start), in the meantime, here’s “Map Apps”:


The 3 latest tweets from Ina at CNET

  • Also of note, @bing maps beta integrates user-generated Photosynths with overall mapping product. 2 minutes ago from web
  • Other key mapping advance is combining street level views to create a synthetic 3-D map view at the city level. 2 minutes ago from web

  • So, here’s the big news on the mapping front. New Streetside feature lets you travel down the street as if you were driving or walking.

  • streetside1


    OK the Press release is here: also up is a Bing Toolbar with cashback alerts:

    In addition to the new mapping experience, we’re announcing a number of other new features rolling out over the next few days, including:

    • A new Bing Windows mobile application featuring improved auto-locate and voice search, available for download at http://www.discoverbing.com/mobile.
    • The new Bing toolbar which flags online content and alerts you when you’re about to make a purchase that qualifies for Bing cashback savings.  Now available for download at http://www.discoverbing.com/toolbar.
    • A social network Visual Search experience — by integrating Facebook and Twitter feeds, Bing Visual Search allows you to quickly find your status updates of your friends and followers, sort by upcoming birthdays and more.  Coming soon at http://www.bing.com/visualsearch.

    Also here’s a link to a video with Blaise Agüera y Arcas, Chief Architect, Bing Maps: Bing Maps Video

    One last thing, and apologies for the haphazard way this came down, but you can learn more at www.discoverbing.com, and get a download link for Bing Mobile sent to your phone at www.discoverbing.com/mobile:


    So that’s it: Entity Cards, Bing Mobile, Bing Maps with Silverlight, streetside, and much more, and a Bing Toolbar!  Wow!