Mix10 registration opens Spring conference season: who will have the Wave 4 news?

Well really we expect to hear at least SOMETHING (please?) about Windows Live and Wave 4 at CES in January (only a few weeks away!), but the real season of Wave 4 seems to be set to begin in “the Mix timeframe”, as we heard many times at PDC.  Now note that the ‘Softies were careful to use those terms around Windows Live (while they freely spoke about Windows Mobile 7 news coming “at Mix”, another good reason to attend).  Checking our calendars, we note that SxSW Interactive is set just two weeks prior to Mix, SMX West (with Steve Ballmer keynoting) is two weeks prior to that, and Web 2.0 Expo is in San Francisco in early May.  Softies have hinted to us that they’re likely to spread the news around a bit, but still we expect some substantial news about Windows Live to come out of Mix (it is Microsoft’s show, after all), and we’ll be there to bring it to you.


You can register to attend Mix10 on the newly redesigned website (using elements of newly opened sourced “Orchard” project) at http://live.visitmix.com.  Starting Monday March 15 through Wednesday March 17, and featuring Microsoft’s design guru Bill Buxton and Mr. Silverlight, Scott Guthrie in keynotes, Mix as usual should be a lot of fun, and hey, it’s in Vegas!

The website just went live, and while as usual many of the sessions are being held back so as not to give away secrets, we already noticed at least a couple of interest: “Designing Bing: Heart And Science”, Miguel de Icaza presenting on “The Mono Project” (Silverlight for Linux), and Molly Holzschlag on “HTML5 Now: The Future of Web Markup Today”.

Of course we hope to be bringing you new Windows Live news well before March, but our long season of waiting looks like it’s coming to an end!