An early peek at Wave 4: Neowin posts screenshots

Our friends at have posted some screenshots they’ve obtained of two works-in-progress Windows Live products, Messenger and Writer.  We won’t join in the DMCA games here, but the screenshots appear to be real, and show Messenger with tabs (finally), and a “social stream”.  This social stream looks to be bringing your Windows Live “what’s new” feed right into Messenger, with Twitter, Facebook, and blog post updates appearing in a sidebar within Messenger.  Neowin reports that “(i)n current public Messenger builds some of this integration is present at the top of a conversation window”.

Neowin also posted a screenshot of a tab (woohoo!) in Messenger, apparently allowing for multiple conversations within one Messenger window.  Users have been clamoring for tabbed conversations for years, and it looks like we may finally get them in Wave 4.

Neowin’s last of three screenshots shows a Windows Live Writer ribbon, something we’ve been expecting, and indeed we’re hearing that the ribbon is “all over” Wave 4.

In reading through the comments, some of Neowin’s readers areen’t too happy with what they’re seeing, but remember that these are screenshots of early builds, who knows how old, and the products could change significantly between the time they were taken and the time we get our hands on Wave 4.  That being said, the three features exposed by these shots: a social stream, tabbed conversations, and the ribbon, are likely to appear.  We’re inching closer to Wave 4!