A new home for our Pivot (and more codes!)

MSOP-Logo Just a little housekeeping on our ongoing Live Labs Pivot project, the MS Org Pivot, which we wrote about earlier.  We originally posted our Pivot attempt on an unused personal domain, but we’ve moved it now to a new home, www.MSOrgPivot.net.  You still need to install Pivot and browse to the url within the Pivot application, but we have some new codes for you, in case you missed out on the ones we passed along earlier.

We also took some time to clean up our Pivot a bit, removing some redundant columns in our Excel file, and moving some columns so they make more sense in the Pivot.  We hope to do quite a bit more with the project as we learn more about Pivot, and we encourage you to check out www.getpivot.com and the community support site on GetSatisfaction.

Anyway here’s some more codes (each one good for 10 installs, thanks Dan for sharing your extra code!)

BCBC 959B 17D2 A9B0

21B6 27C3 B8DE E146

8F62 0168 AB55 059F

We’ll keep you posted as we keep exploring what we can do with Pivot!

By the way we have no way of knowing if these codes are used up, and they will fail if you don’t meet the requirements for Pivot (US settings, Vista or Win7, etc.).  The ones we posted previously are probably gone, but it might be worth a shot to try either them or the ones we posted on Twitter.  Let us know in the comments if you still need a code and you’re sure the ones we posted are all used up, we’ll see what we can do.  You can also request codes from the Pivot Website