Inside Windows Live: new on The Windows Blog

Some good news tonight from Windows Live Corporate Vice President Chris Jones, who in an initial blog post announced the creation of “Inside Windows Live: The engineering behind Hotmail, Messenger, and Windows Live”.  In the post, Jones explains the purpose of the new blog:

The new blog, on the other hand, will be dedicated to software engineers, web industry insiders, and to our most passionate Windows Live customers, those who want to dig a little deeper into how we build our services and how they’re used worldwide. 

We’ll start by giving you the current state of our software and services, including Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive, and our Essentials suite of client software.  We’ll share with you how we build and operate our services, explain what’s going on when there are service interruptions, and talk about how we see people using our services worldwide.  As we release new or updated products, we’ll provide an inside look into the changes we made and why we made them.

Jones goes on to promise that “we won’t just be telling you what we think”:

We’ll also be asking you what you think. We strongly believe that success for Windows Live must include an open and honest two-way discussion about how we operate and design our products in order to balance the different interests of customers and partners who rely on us every day.

We’ve added the new blog to our “Blogs We Like: Our Faves” section, and we can’t wait to start reading what Chris Jones and company have to say (and what passionate Windows Live customers have to say to them!).  Welcome!