US Search share: Nielsen shows Bing growth, too

The Nielsen Company just released their November US Search share numbers, with Bing continuing a slow climb up the charts.  Nielsen last month changed their methodology, so comparisons before last month aren’t relevant, but here are the numbers for the last two months:

Rank Provider Searches (000) Oct 09 Searches (000) Nov 09 % Share
Oct 09
% Share Nov 09 change
  Total 10,218,842 10,002,458 100% 100%
1 Google 6,759,395 6,546,172 66.1% 65.4% -0.7
2 Yahoo 1,574,891 1,525,964 15.4% 15.3% -0.1
3 Bing 986,747 1,073,416 9.7% 10.7% +1.0

Source:  Nielsen Blog: Top U.S. Online Search Providers: October 2009

Source:  Nielsen Blog: Top U.S. Online Search Providers: November 2009

Interestingly, Nielsen data is showing that Bing appears to be taking share from Google, while yesterday’s report of the comScore numbers showed that while Bing was gaining share, it was at the expense of Yahoo!.  No telling who to believe, if anyone, but it’s fun to check out the numbers every month, especially when they continue to go up for Bing.