Bing movie searches include sponsored video

Bing has been quietly updating features since its last major update last month, with new looks for stock price and movie searches.  An announcement on the Bing blog pointed out the movie search feature:

In addition to the recent events results pages, we just launched our new movie results pages. With movie results, you can easily decide which movie to go see, and where to see it. Pick a great movie by watching the trailer, reading the ratings and reviews, and find a theatre nearby. Then the helpful thing here is that you can easily pivot by showtime or theatre by clicking on a theatre to find the best theatre location and time convenient for you.

However also included in Bing results (at least for some movies), are movie trailers (video ads) right in the sponsored search listings at the top of the page (click through for the live search results, which will vary depending on your locale):


clicking on the trailer plays the video immediately, and from within the page, no navigating to a separate experience:


A quick check of Google and Yahoo! for the same search shows that Yahoo! does include a trailer (which opens in a separate page), all of them include movie showtimes and more information, but Bing seems to have a leg up on these sponsored ads with included video.