Exclusive: New Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 screenshots revealed!

Following the screenshot leaks from Neowin.net earlier last month, our friend Picturepan2 from LiveSino.net was able to get some more exclusive screenshots of an internal build of the upcoming Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 just as the new year’s started.

First up is a screenshot of an improved Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail previews for Messenger Wave 4:

Messenger Wave 4 - Windows 7 Taskbar Preview

Seems like they’ve fixed the problem with Wave 3 where two thumbnail preview windows were shown for the Messenger application – one showing the user’s display picture and another showing the actual Messenger main window – now only the main Messenger window is shown. Also notice that they’ve added “Thumbnail Toolbars” functionality, allowing users to directly select their status from the thumbnail previews (much like how Windows Media Player works in Windows 7).

Messenger Wave 4 - Tabbed conversations

Next we can see that Messenger Wave 4 finally supports Tabbed Conversation windows! The tabs looks very similar to those in IE8. The ad also appears to be much larger, however there is a “X” button next to the ad, possibly allowing users to close the ad or return it back to text form. Take notice that the “Photos” and “Video” buttons have been moved from the top menu bar to below the typing area, while the “Winks” and “Background” buttons seems to be missing from the typing area. While we’re not sure whether “Background sharing” has been removed or not, it appears that “Winks” and “Emoticons” have been merged under the same menu:

Messenger Wave 4 - Winks

Clicking on the “Photos” button reveals several new Photo Sharing features:

Messenger Wave 4 - Photo Sharing

Besides sharing photos directly from those saved in your computer, Messenger Wave 4 integrates with Windows Live Photos and Bing Images to allow you to share your photos online directly with your contacts:

Messenger Wave 4 - Windows Live Photos integration Messenger Wave 4 - Bing Images integration

Do notice that these are work-in-progress screenshots and features shown are subject to change anytime between these build and the final version. However, based on what we’ve seen the Windows Live Wave 4 apps sure looks promising! Happy New Year to all our LiveSide readers out there!