Hosting videos using Windows Azure and Silverlight: step by step (we need this!)

As you may have noticed, we’ve been working hard on getting ready for the year to come, including moving to a new web host, working on the themes, adding Disqus comments, and hopefully generally cleaning up our act.  Last summer we were thrown for a bit of a loop when MSN Soapbox closed down, and we were left to fend for ourselves with our series of video interviews.

windows_azure_small+ silverlight+LiveSideLogoLS2010 ?!!

As we’ve gotten over several hurdles in getting LiveSide freshened up, we’ve been thinking a lot about those videos (and hopefully more to come).  Of course Windows Azure and Silverlight are the way to go, but with a lot on our plates already, the task of moving them up to the cloud seemed a bit daunting.  But even though Steve Ballmer is on YouTube, we’d really rather not, thank you very much.

So thanks to Twitter and Abhishek Baxi, a Softie from India, a blog post that’s going to help a lot just dropped in our laps tonight.  David Sayed has taken the time to put together a series of long but step by step posts on “Hosting Videos on Windows Azure”, exactly what we needed!

We’re not sure quite when we’ll get the time to make this happen, but hopefully soon, and of course we’ll report back on how things went.  For now, we’re off to dive deep into David Sayed’s posts, can’t wait to get started!