Windows Mobile 7: MWC in Barcelona to get a first peek?

Microsoft is busy dropping hints that it is finally ready to start talking about Windows Mobile 7, the long awaited and expectation-laden new Windows Phone operating system.  In his keynote, Steve Ballmer mentioned that there would be more about Windows Phone at MWC, and Mary Jo Foley reported earlier today on some pretty big hints coming from Robbie Bach in a Financial Analysts’ briefing at CES:

In response to an analyst question, Bach said to expect in WM7 “things will be talked about at MWC.”

And in another move designed purely, we’re sure, to make us jealous, Microsoft Australia has invited blogger Long Zheng to Barcelona for the festivities.

While no one is jumping at the chance to send us to Barcelona (kip *at* liveside *dot* net), this all does set up some interesting questions about what will come at Mix, a month later in Las Vegas.  Remember that Microsoft said at PDC that we’d be hearing more about Windows Phones at Mix.  Now with the cat hopefully out of the bag, maybe we’ll hear a LOT more 🙂