Windows Live for Mobile Wave 4: Calendar and Groups coming soon?

Ever since Wave 3, people have been wondering why Windows Live Calendar never had a mobile counterpart, considering calendars are one of the most used applications on every mobile devices. Windows Live Calendar for Mobile only supported SMS-based services in Wave 3, and Microsoft never developed a Client-based nor Web-based mobile calendar solution. Well it seems like the wait is over, as clues from a Windows Live for Mobile Wave 4 website suggests that Windows Live Calendar may make a mobile debut – at least a (Mobile) Web-based version. Here’s a screenshot of Windows Live for Mobile Wave 4 viewed using an iPod touch:

Windows Live for Mobile Wave 4 Windows Live for Mobile Wave 4

Clicking “Do more” on the top-right hand corner brings you a list of Windows Live mobile services. Notice that “Calendar” and “Groups” are new additions that weren’t available in Wave 3. (On the other hand, “Hotmail” and “Messenger” appears to be missing, but fear not they are still there, and can possibly accessed via “All services” or a more easily available shortcut given their importance.)

While we weren’t able to check if these are available on WAP-based phones or touch phones only, but at least this shows a sign that a mobile version of Windows Live Calendar (and Groups) is coming. This is great news for all those who’s been long awaiting for this! Stay tuned at LiveSide for more!

(As with most of our pre-release screenshots, the usual disclaimer applies – the final version may or may not look like this at all.)