An early peek at Windows Mobile 7: “built from scratch”

WMPowerUser has been following a very interesting Twitter conversation with Eldar Murtazin from, who has apparently scored an early look at an as-yet unreleased phone running an early build of Windows Mobile 7, if you can believe him (as WMPowerUser apparently does).  In the conversation Murtazin (and we agree) expects the new phone OS to be shown, one way or another, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

Murtazin provided a few details on what he saw, including that the OS appeared to be built from scratch.  When asked what had changed in the UI, Eldar replied (this tweet was after WMPowerUser’s post):

a lot... sleam, sleak, good looking (webOS, iPhone, Androiв style)

Murtazin complained that the OS would not run any previous Windows Mobile apps, and that the build he saw, anyway, was a long way from being ready:

dont think that this year, or they have secret stable version inside MS otherwise (do not believe in it)

We’re not so sure, but we should find out quite a bit more about Windows Mobile 7 as early as next month’s Mobile World Congress, and at Mix10 in March.