Windows Live Mail Wave 4 to support Gmail’s labels, stars and archiving?

Twitter had been our friend lately to discover new gems about what’s coming in Windows Live Wave 4. We found a tweet by Joshua Topolsky, editor-in-chief from, who asked the following question:

Joshua Topolsky: How is it possible that no one has made a mail client that keeps the functionality of Gmail's labels, archiving, and stars? How hard is it?

Two hours later, a bit to our surprise, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications Frank X. Shaw replied via twitter:

Frank X Shaw: Windows Live Wave 4

Clearly Frank is implying that Windows Live Mail Wave 4 it will support Gmail’s functionality of labels, stars and archiving. While we’re not sure how this will actually be implemented in the product(s), or whether or not Hotmail Wave 4 will support these too, at least we have some words from a Microsoftie!