New Windows Live Mail Wave 4 screenshot revealed!

Information about Windows Live Mail Wave 4 keeps flowing in! Yesterday we told you about possible upcoming features in Windows Live Mail Wave 4, and today Picturepan2 @ got hold of the latest screenshot for the application. So here it is, the main window of Windows Live Mail Wave 4:

Windows Live Mail Wave 4

From the above screenshot you can see that Windows Live Mail is now fully ribbonized, much like Outlook 2010. What’s also similar is the addition of the new Calendar pane on the right showing you the upcoming events in the next few days, but this information comes right from your Windows Live Calendar. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the introduction of Conversation view, which was first introduced in Outlook Web App (or Outlook Live) and one of the main new features of Outlook 2010, here is a closer look:

Conversation view 

Windows Live Mail is definitely heading the right direction from the looks of it, and we get a feeling that it is looking more and more like Outlook 2010 (although it’s free!). Although keep in mind that the screenshots and new features discussed in this article are based on internal pre-release versions, so the actual product (beta or final) may or may not look like it at all. We’ll keep you posted on the latest in the Windows Live Wave 4 world. Stay tuned!