(Zune, Pink, Danger) Phone rumors heat up: #tmdp

Engadget has been following some very interesting tweets recently, most of them coming “from Danger”, a Twitter source that isn’t used by an existing Danger product (Sidekick uses “from Sidekick”), and the tweeters have been tagging some of their tweets with the mysterious hashtag “#tmdp”.


“T-Mobile Danger Phone”?? (having a T-Mobile account, one can only hope!), or “The Microsoft Danger Phone”??.  Anyway in reading through some of the tweets it sounds like lots of work, lots of travel, and lots of excitement for the #tmdp-ers, so it looks like something big is up.  Is this Pink?, a Zune phone?, or something in between?  Can’t wait to find out more (and send Mary Jo some donuts!).  Lots of intrigue, and are we even seeing build numbers?

@darlyw was nice enough to start a TMD Twitter list, or you can search on the hashtag #tmdp, and follow along at home.