Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 to get Conversation view, Flagged messages, and more!

Last time we talked about Windows Live Mail to support Conversation view in Wave 4, as well as hints indicating that it will support Gmail’s “stars” functionality. Wouldn’t it be nice if Microsoft’s own webmail service – Hotmail, supported those too? Well wait no further, as sources are indicating that in Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 will have the following new features:

  • Conversation view: Just like in Windows Live Mail Wave 4, Hotmail is getting the Conversation view too. Outlook Web App (or Outlook Live) had supported Conversation view since its beta introduction to university students almost a year ago, and it is not surprising that Microsoft is now bringing this matured technology into Hotmail.
  • Flagged messages: Windows Live Mail supported Flagged messages in Wave 3 already, however, these flagged messages are only stored locally on your client as the web counterpart – Hotmail never supported this in its current version. Gmail had “stars” for a long time, and it is time for Hotmail to introduce this too. It is expected that whatever you “flag” in Hotmail will be synced with Windows Live Mail Wave 4 also.
  • Quick views: Ability to quickly view those e-mails that are “Flagged”, or those e-mails with photos attached, as well as quickly access e-mails that are considered “social updates”.
  • Hotmail Today page is no more: instead you are expected to go to Windows Live Home for everything you’re supposed to find on the Today page.

These definitely seems promising as Hotmail is heading in the right direction with these new features. What do you think? Stay tuned as we bring you more news on Windows Live Wave 4!

Thanks to Picturepan2 @ again for the tip!