Para Fuera, the life of Dr. Richard Bing

Last October, Bing Director Stefan Weitz wrote about an encounter with a Dr. Richard Bing, who had contacted Mich Mathews, SVP of Marketing, since they had “used his name for our new search engine”.  Weitz and Sean Carver went to visit Dr. Bing in LA, and got a bit more than they bargained for.  We won’t go through the whole story here, you can read Stefan’s latest blog post, but the end result was a short 10 minute film about Dr. Bing and his 100th birthday, one of 60 films chosen as Official Selections at Sundance this year:

Sundance Award alum Nick Jasenovec completed the film in December.  I saw the rough cut and loved it but little did we know how far this film would go.  We didn’t know the film would be selected as one of 60 Sundance Official Selections out of a field of several thousand submissions in the category.  We certainly didn’t know that the director would get to premiere it with the Hollywood glitterati down here in Park City, UT on Monday night.  I like to think the film was accepted because it shows the power of a story that stresses unbounded potential over deterministic cynicism.  It demonstrates in flesh and blood the age-old axiom that we can be anything we want if we just work hard enough.  Or maybe it was selected just because he is so wicked cool.

Here’s the short, a fine celebration of a fine life:


We normally try to steer clear of the various marketing glitz that sometimes comes out of Redmond, hey that’s PR’s job, not ours, and we didn’t report on the original blog post on Dr. Bing.  But for both the folks at Bing, and us, this one turned out to be a little special.