Bing improvements: Twitter Maps, Investor info, and a Mars game

A couple of Bing news items from the Bing blog, and one from Microsoft Fuse Labs.  First, from Fuse Labs at Microsoft’s New England Research and Development offices comes word of some improvements to one of the Bing Maps apps, Twitter Maps:



We don’t have a changelist (we’ve asked, on Twitter of course), but the whole app seems snappier, and there’s a nice expansion mouseover for multiple tweets coming from one location.  You can check out Twitter Maps and the other Bing Maps apps by clicking on Map Apps at the bottom of the left sidebar in Bing Maps.

Another well done improvement is to stock quotes and investor data.  Just enter a stock symbol (msft, aapl, goog, etc.) into Bing and click on Investor Data to get a well detailed page of info on that stock:




And finally, to celebrate the opening of a “Facing Mars” exhibit at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center, Bing has set up an interactive game called “Captain Mike’s Mars Adventure”


You can read more on the Bing blog.