Mobile rumor mill heats up; Tom and Long to Liveblog

PPC Geeks published the latest in a slew of rumors on what to expect at Mobile World Congress (MWC), now just more than a week away.  In their post, the PPC Geeks expect to see at least the user interface, but not in depth functionality for Windows Mobile 7, which they call “Very Clean”, “Soulful” and “Alive”.  In addition, PPC Geeks says that according to their sources:

  • the UI, code named Metro, will be very similar to the Zune UI
  • No Flash, not enough time (umm, how long do they need?)
  • App installation through Marketplace only
  • No multi-tasking, but apps can be paused when in the background
  • No NETCF backwards compatibility, at least not yet
  • Full Zune integration
  • Full Xbox gaming integration
  • Full support for Social Networking
  • No Windows Mobile Device Center, will use Zune software instead
  • No OEM interfaces
  • Ready by September 2010

Sounds like quite a juicy list, but there is enough missing here to at least question the authenticity.  What about the Danger phones?  What about Silverlight Mobile?

Luckily, although amazingly no one offered to fly us to Barcelona for MWC, our friends Long Zheng from and Tom Warren from will be liveblogging the Microsoft Press Conference at MWC, starting at 3 pm local Barcelona time on Monday February 15th (which is 6am Seattle time, eh WHAT?), and we’ll finally begin to get past the rumor stage and find out what all the fuss is about.