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Kind of a sad note on the “Your mail is here, come and get it” blog, the official blog of Hotmail, as they are shutting down the blog and concentrating their efforts on Inside Windows Live.  We don’t necessarily disagree with the concept, but the Mail blog and LiveSide go way back, so it’s kind of like saying goodbye to an old friend.

February 05

This blog is no longer active

For a deeper exploration of the engineering behind Windows Live check out Inside Windows Live. And, for help with Windows Live try the Windows Live Solution Center.

We said this back in 2007, just as Windows Live Hotmail was launching, back in the days of managed beta testing, and hopefully at least some of that spirit will live on:

Our thanks to the Kahuna/Windows Live Mail/Windows Live Hotmail beta team for putting on a beta the way they’re meant to be: open, inclusive, fun, and flexible.  No other beta has been as responsive to user requests, as open to feedback, or as willing to expose a work in progress in order to get the best out of beta testers, and out of Windows Live Hotmail. Congratulations!

But things do change, as we are well aware.  We’ve been working through a number of back end changes here at LiveSide, too (in order to keep on blogging along!).  After an experimental run with managed servers and WebHost4Life, we’ve gone back to a dedicated server and our old friends The Planet.  To make a long story short, we simply missed the level of control that having a dedicated server allows, even if it does cost a bit more, and so we’re back. 

We’re Microsoft fans here at LiveSide, and we try to use Microsoft products whenever we can, which is why we’re on Community Server (an ASP.net solution), Windows Server 2008, and SQL Server Express 2008.  In setting up our new box, we were able to try out Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer, and were very impressed.  It made our job so much easier.  If you’re setting up a web server, we highly recommend it, and the Web PI will help you set up a number of free or open source tools and solutions, too, even WordPress!  Check it out!

Oh and one more note, we just got all signed up with Bitly.Pro, and (hopefully) should be using our new URL shortener in our Twitter feed: http://LiveSi.de.  Yes we know it’s not the shortest URL around, but hey it’s kind of fun!  We don’t have any plans to open up access, at least for now, so if you see a LiveSi.de address, it comes from us.  Special thanks to Mynetx for helping us out with obtaining the URL, and for helping us test out the shortener while we waited for Bitly.Pro to come online.

Update: yay, it works!:


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