Tidbits from Windows Live blogs: new emoticons, Msgr iPhone app coming?

Always fun to catch some little tidbits in official Windows Live blogs, and we noticed two recent ones, thanks to a tip from Picturepan2 from LiveSino.net.

First, did we just get a glimpse of an Emoticon makeover?  In yesterday’s Inside Windows Live post on the history of Messenger, Jeff Kunins shows the dynamic display picture dialogue box with some interesting new characters:


Just for reference, here’s what that same screen looks like currently:


Looks like eyebrows are in for 2010!

Not earth shattering news, but the old emoticons have been around seemingly forever, so even this minor makeover is noteworthy.

Then, in a post on the Windows Live Team blog, on Spaces, there’s an interesting mention of a Messenger iPhone app:

iPhone: No client is available currently. Please check back at a later time for more details.

This certainly leads us to believe that an iPhone app is coming, or they wouldn’t have even mentioned it.

Again, perhaps not earth shattering news that Microsoft is working on a Messenger app for iPhone; there’s already a Bing app for iPhone, and Hotmail is optimized for iPhone now too, but we haven’t seen official mention of it up until now.