More from TED: Dr. Gary Flake presents Pivot, now available for download

More news from the TED conference, this time it’s Dr. Gary Flake presenting Pivot, a Live Labs project that just “wouldn’t have been possible five years ago”:

Pivot is an experimental technology that allows people to visualize data and then sort, organize and categorize it dynamically. The result is that correlations, exceptions and trends become immediately apparent in ways they can’t when information is stuck in rows and columns.

Here’s a video showing off Pivot:

If you’ve been following along at home, you know that we first showed you Pivot when we saw it at PDC, and were able to share some invite codes. Well now anyone can get Pivot you need to download and install the app, but Jenn Lin has just posted some good news:

Announcing an update to our installer — we’ve taken all of your great feedback and made a few key changes.
First off, keys are gone! Everyone can install without delay!
Secondly, we have fixed the international settings issue, so no more need to mess with your language or date time settings in order to install.
Thirdly, many of the crashes that were blocking users from running have been fixed. If you were not able to run before, it is worth giving the installer another try.
Now, if you never saw any of those issues, be aware that we made no other changes, no added features for this release. So if you are running fine, no pressure to upgrade. However, if you were one of the many seeing the issues above, we hope you see Pivot works better for you now. As always, let us know what you see!

And of course if you want to check out our little Pivot project, check out from Pivot!